Melissa Hinkley

Melissa Hinkley
Melissa is a strength and conditioning coach who specializes in developing youth athletes. She is devoted to training athletes to perform at a level that is nearly impossible to achieve through sport-specific practice alone. Melissa understands the unique demands of softball and has developed a program tailored specifically to meet those needs. Through instruction and drills, she teaches athletes how to improve:
  • Power
  • Quickness
  • Throwing velocity
  • Explosiveness
  • Running Mechanics
  • Change of Direction speed
  • Strength

Melissa grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, playing every sport imaginable. As a child, she played against the boys, more often than not, schooling them. While most kids her age sported Michael Jordan jerseys, Melissa was often times seen in her Scottie Pippen jersey, due to his unselfish distribution of the basketball. Her desire to play like Pippen (and also have arms like his) led her to buy her first set of dumbbells in the 6th grade.

She accepted a spot in the graduate program at San Diego State University in Exercise Physiology and truly found her passion for strength and conditioning. During her two years, she had many opportunities to develop as a strength coach. She worked with various athletes and teams, including a club baseball team called “The Show”.  She also designed a Strength and Conditioning Program for the University of San Diego baseball team and Upper Iowa University Basketball team along with Bobby Congalton. To put a capstone on her collegiate career Melissa designed a strength and conditioning manual entitled “1RM The Strength and Conditioning Manual for Women’s Basketball”, the first of more manuals to come written by 1RM Performance. Upon graduating Melissa had an opportunity to work at one of the premier sports performance facilities in the country, but instead she decided to stick with Bobby, co-founder of 1RM Performance, to make their own elite strength and conditioning program.

As a former Division II softball and basketball player, Melissa understands grueling practices and crazy schedules. She also understands just how important a proper strength and conditioning program can be for athletes of all ages. A softball player’s game can be completely transformed by a strength and conditioning program: stronger hips means harder driven balls, quicker first step means getting to more grounders, and increased throwing velocity means more outs. And that’s just the start of it. Oftentimes, parents and coaches overlook an important aspect of strength training: injury prevention. Female athletes are more susceptible to certain injuries, and Melissa has developed strength programs that will help reduce the risk of injury. She has experienced all of these things first hand and is now devoted to researching and applying her knowledge to the development of future softball greats.

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